The Temptress

„The Temptress” is an original mix of documentary, fiction and animation, a dark adult fairytale based on real life experiences.
Inspired by ancient folktales from the indigenous tribe of the Dinka in South Sudan, it is the story of a lioness searching the world for the most beautiful man. Character design, art-direction and animation are done at DSG, with Dan Panaitescu as project lead.


Director, producer, script, DOP: David Kinsella

Animation director Dan Panaitescu

Animation: Dan Panaitescu, Matei Neagoe-Focsa

Animation producer: Dragos Stefan

Editor, co-producer: Serban Georgescu

Original script: Klaas Bense

Sound design: Alex Claude

Director of photography/cinematography second unit: Viggo Knudsen

Original score: Assif Tsahar, Ophir Leibovitch, Daniel Meir

Production: David Kinsella productions AS

Post production: Kolectiv Romania

Post production manager Romania: Oana Muntean

Animation studio: DSG animation + vfx