Schlosslichtspiele: Defilee zum 100.

DSG is honored to be part of the Schlosslichtspiele 2016 event in Karlsruhe. A collaboration with Mr. Peter Weibel and Mr. Andrei Ujica from ZKM, our project takes you on a trip through the first half of the 20th-century avant-garde, in its various forms.
Iconic works of the avant-garde in the fields of painting, photography and film move around the Karlsruhe castle façade in the artistic projection "Defilee on the 100th anniversary of the avant-garde". The Defilee, a solemn parade, begins with the crown heads of 1913 in Saint Petersburg and ends with the models of André Courrèges in Paris in 1967.


A project by DSG animation + vfx

an idea by Andrei Ujica


Peter Weibel

Andrei Ujica

Dragos Stefan

Dan Panaitescu

Anett Holzheid

Graphics and animation

Dan Panaitescu

Dragos Stefan

Madalin Truica

Vlad Pascanu

Ion Arama

Alexandru Stoica

Music and sound design

Electric Brother

Vlaicu Golcea


Moritz Büchner