Magic Mountain

DSG was asked to contribute approximately one third of the animation direction, production, character design and art direction for the movie Magic Mountain.
Our contribution featured, as usual, a combination of multiple techniques: hand painted backgrounds, watercolour textured 3D characters, cutout animation, frame-by-frame 2D.


An apArte Film Production

Director: Anca Damian

Script: Anca Damian and Anna Winkler

Producer: Anca Damian, Guillaume de Seille, Bénédicte Thomas, Joanna Ronikier and Włodzimierz Matuszewski

DSG animation + VFX team:

Animation director: Dan Panaitescu

Executive producer: Dragoș Ștefan

Compositing, VFX, rigging: Vlad Pășcanu, Andrei Saraliischi

Animation, character design, rigging: Mădălin Truică, Matei Neagoe, Aurora Mititelu

Animation, modelling, rigging: Andreia Dobrotă

Compositing: Ioana Staiculescu

Animation, character design: Irina-Maria Iliescu

Animation, compositing: Anna Florea